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Not to sound pretentious or anything but not going to put too many screenshots here. I feel it could just give away the plot and what not.

Because that's what this game is primarily about, its story. Don't get me wrong Art, Sound and Music are vital components to a visual novel. But I am primarily a writer and that is my craft.

That being said, in true Game Jam fashion I have carefully picked what assets I've used and made sure nothing was too jarring.

And when it did feel a bit off, I made it work with the story.

This is a labor of love as I write this description half n hour before the deadline, 4 am in glorious Britannia.

This is also the first time I've put a story out there like this, so please. Tell me what you think, good or bad.

A private message if you would :)

Hope you enjoy.

For the TyranoBuilder Summer Game Jam 2015

Theme was "United By Fate"

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Published1 year ago
TagsVisual Novel
Player countSingleplayer

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Click the .exe and go!


Fictophillia A fools hope.rar (65 MB)

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